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Parental Control App Free

Don't let online predators get your kids, and be there for them all the time. 

Spying Services takes care of all your worries as a parent and gives you the best parental control features for the safety of your kids in one app. No more cyberbullying, getting hooked on social media, using too many spying services, or being able to see adult content. The best parental control software has unique and effective features that can't be argued with. 

All-in-one platform for keeping an eye on kids 

Handle Services for Spying. Block apps. You can filter the web and look at your web history. From one easy-to-use dashboard, you can keep an eye on all of your kids' Android, iOS, and Kindle devices. 

The all-in-one solution for parental control and digital health 

Over 4 million parents trust the parental control tools on Spying Services to keep their kids' Spying Services safe and in check on every device, and they can do it all from a single dashboard.

With the best parental control apps for Android and iOS, you can learn more about how your kids use their tablets and phones to spend time online. Many of them also have software for your child's Windows or Mac computer that will give you a more complete picture of how much time they spend in front of a screen. 

Whether you have young children or teenagers, it can be hard to keep track of what they do online without the right tools. Do they have apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, or TikTok on their phones, and do you know what they are? 

Maybe when you walk into a room, your child hides the screen of their device. If this is the case, they are probably hiding something from you, which is why you need one of the best parental control apps. 

Like the best GPS trackers for kids, the best parental control apps for Android and iOS can also help you find out where your kids are or tell you if they aren't at school when they should be. 

These apps can tell you who your kids are talking to online, set limits on how much time they can spend on the internet, and block sites that aren't good for them. Some of them can keep track of your calls and texts and even show you what was said in your messages. However, Google and Apple have made it harder to do this. 

The best parental control apps work best when they are part of a larger plan to teach your kids how to act both online and in the real world. As part of this plan, you should talk to your kids about how to act online and how to avoid situations that make them feel uncomfortable. You'll also have to listen to them if they think your approach is too harsh while making it clear that you'll be keeping an eye on what they do online. 

It's important to know that we don't review or promote any parental control apps that can run in "stealth" mode so that your child won't know they are there. People often call these kinds of apps "stalkerware," and they can be used to spy on spouses or other adults. 

At the same time, we stay away from apps that can record phone conversations because it is illegal in the US to do so without the consent of at least one party, and in some states, all parties must agree. Phone-recording laws don't make an exception for parents, but courts have said that a parent can only record a child's conversation with another person if they think their child is in immediate danger. 

These are the best parental control apps you can get right now, whether you're a new parent thinking about the future or you just want to know more about what your kids do online to keep them safe. 

What are the best apps to keep kids safe? 

No parental control app is perfect, but in our tests, Net Nanny had the best mix of web filtering, location tracking, and app management on both Android and iOS. It also works on Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets that support Google Play. 

Norton Family has almost all of the features a parent could want, including geofencing, which was added recently. However, its app-management features don't work on iOS. It keeps an eye on Windows PCs as well as smartphones and tablets, but not Macs.

free parental control app for Android, Windows and Mac

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What Spying Services parents love most…

Time Limits

Easily set daily time limits for your children to avoid excessive usage.

Web history monitoring

Monitor internet usage and log all visited websites. It works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

USB drives, CD\DVD usage

Log all USB flash drives, external HDD, and other devices connected to the PC. Prevent data leaks.

Record keystrokes

Keylogger feature allows viewing keystrokes and texts entered on the computer. It also records the text copied into the clipboard(Android, MAC, Windows).


Periodically captures the computer screen, and you can view them online. Also makes screenshots when a user types a keystroke that includes a keyword for Windows and macOS, Android.

Monitor messengers

Monitor chats and messengers logs on the tracked devices: Facebook, Viber, Skype, Kik, WhatsApp, etc. Also, it makes screenshots every 15 sec during Skype video conversations.

Most used Applications

Tracks used applications on PC, Mac, and Android. You can prevent the use of unsuitable software. Displays the most used applications by time.

E-mail reports

Sent and Received Emails. Read all emails received or sent from the default mailbox on the target device. You may schedule email reports from each computer.

Location Tracking

Get an alert when your child arrives or leaves a specific location. See where your child is at the push of a button.

Spying Services - The Most Reliable Parental Control App


Homework & Tasks

Encourage positive habits by setting your children tasks to complete, and reward additional screen time.


Set blocked periods such as sleep time and homework time to avoid distractions when your children need to focus on something important.

Instant Pause

Parents love this one! Instantly pause your child’s device. Perfect for getting them to the dinner table or out the door for school.

App Usage

See which apps your child uses most. This will help you better understand what they do on their device.

Web History

Keep an eye on your kid’s web history so you know they’re surfing safe.

Web Filtering

Ensure your child doesn’t stray into inappropriate parts of the internet. Block categories of sites and specific URLs.

The Most Reliable Parental Control App

Frequently Asked Questions - Parental Control App Free

The Spying Services parental control is a mix of different ways to keep an eye on your kids' phones, tablets, computers, and PCs. You can sign up for Spying Services to keep track of the devices you want to watch. It has powerful and advanced features for keeping an eye on kids and making sure they don't do anything inappropriate or talk to online predators.

Parental control apps let you keep an eye on your kids both online and off, and they can tell you what they're doing on their phones and tablets. The apps can tell you where your kids are, limit the amount of time they spend on their phones and apps, block them from using certain websites and apps, and let you see who they are talking to online.

Depending on the type of app, parental control apps work in different ways. Some apps are content filters that block access to websites and apps that have bad content or that aren't safe. Others can limit how long your child can use their phone or tablet or stop them from using their phone after a certain time.Some apps let you keep track of your kids' whereabouts, text messages, social network activity, emails, and other things they do. For apps that let you watch what your kids do on social media, you'll need their user names and passwords. Monitoring apps can look through texts, social media posts, photos, and videos to see if there are any possible dangers and send alerts to parents about them.

Even though some parental control apps are free, most of the ones with the best features require a monthly or yearly subscription. Prices range from about $5 to $10 per month, depending on the type of service and how many devices you want to monitor.

Yes. None of our apps for monitoring kids work if you can't install them on the device you want to watch. To set up Spying Services on your Android, iPhone, PC, or computer, you need to have one-time access. Also, you can use an online dashboard to remotely track and watch everything that happens on the target device.

Spying Services has different products that work with different operating systems. Here are some things you can use to keep an eye on your kids: Android spy app iPhone parental spy app Monitoring software for Windows and a spying app for MAC Users can choose any of the above solutions to keep an eye on their kids at all times. Every app has a number of ways to set parental controls to keep kids safe online.

Yes. Our kids tracking app has many ways to spy on digital devices to stop cyberbullying, online dating, sexting, too much time in front of a screen, and anti-sextortion tools. Keystrokes, GPS tracking, SMS logs, screenshots, and screen-time are all things that users can use.

The Spying Services app for tracking kids has more than 250 features, but not all of them work on all operating systems. On Android, iPhones, PCs, and computers, you can use screenshots, screen recording, surround recording, keystroke logger, installed apps, GPS location, and browsing history to keep an eye on your kids online.

We think Bark is the best app for parents to keep an eye on their kids' screen time and keep them safe on the internet. Try FamilyTime or Spying Services if you want to track your location, set up a geofence, or look at your location history.

A parental control app tells you about your child's use of apps, total screen time, web searches and history, text message history, and more. If the app finds scary words in your child's search history or text messages, you'll get a push notification, an email, or a text message. Some parental control apps also let you keep an eye on calls and social media. Each app has its own set of features and reports. We recommend Bark for all-around monitoring of phones and the internet.

Yes. We like Kaspersky Safe Kids or Spying Services' free versions. Family Link on Google is also free.

Boomerang is best for younger kids, especially those under 13 years old because it doesn't monitor social media. You might want to switch to Bark when your child is old enough to join social media.

  • Get daily reports on the web and apps

Don't be clueless. We'll send you a daily summary of the websites and apps your child used and how long they were on them.

  • Let your partner, family, and other caregivers in.

Ask your partner, parents, or someone else who takes care of your child to manage your child's Spying Services settings.

  • Stop children from removing Spying Services

Spying Services can only be uninstalled with a safe password. You can also block access to settings for extra safety.

  • Use a single account for all of your family's devices.

With one account, you can manage all of your family's Spying Services and track all devices, including your parents' if you want to.

  • Block apps

Block certain apps that your kids shouldn't use to keep them safe.

  • devices from Apple, Android, and Amazon can use it.

Spying Services is available for Android, Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and iPod touch.

There are both free and paid parts to Spying Services. The "Free" features will always be free. Start today and you'll also get a free trial of Spying Services Premium for 7 days.

Spying Services is unique because it was made by parents who use it every day and they still run it. We also don't want our kids to spend all day in front of screens, and we have a lot of new ideas for upcoming games. So try it out and tell us what you think.

Parental Control App Free

Why do parental controls for keeping an eye on kids need to stay current?

Kids are walking alone at night. Strangers are breaking into your homes with a crib and playing alone with your kids. It's happening because kids have access to smartphones, the internet, and social media. So, kids are easy targets for predators, adult content, and activities that could be dangerous. With the Spying Services kids monitoring solution, parents don't have to lock up all their children's electronics and put them in a bubble with parental controls. Bring our electronic shield with features like Spying Services, installed apps, GPS location, keystroke logging, VoIP call recording, screen recording, call logs and live camera streaming that can track their digital footprints.

The Most Reliable Parental Control App Spying Services lets parents control Spying Services, track kids' real-time locations, and find inappropriate content on their devices.

  1. Spying services keep your kids safe.
  2. Make good online habits.

Most kids ages 3 and up now have their tablets, and parents should keep an eye on them and limit how long they can use them. Spying Services help them find a good balance and learn how to use technology healthily.

  • Keep track of where things are.

As kids get older, they want to be more independent and see the world on their own. Parents can find out where their tweens are by using Spying Services.

  • Get away from danger on the Internet

Parents can find it hard to keep their kids safe from things like cyberbullying, sexual predators, and so on. With Spying Services, parents can get automatic alerts when teens' devices are found to have inappropriate content on them.

  1. Spying Services for Schools are a way to make sure that students are safe.
  2. Spying Services also has a version for schools that keeps kids safe at school.

With Spying Services, it's easy to keep students from being distracted by digital devices and getting hooked on them, which helps them pay attention in class.

  1. Web Filter
  2. Use a website filter to keep your search safe.
  3. Websites can be blocked by category
  4. By adding exceptions, you can block or allow sites.
  5. Multi-User, Multi-Device
  6. Offer a variety of ways to sign up.
  7. Take care of more than one student at the same time.
  8. View and aggregate student app usage data
  9. Dashboard Smart
  10. Collect all student information. Manage all student devices from one place.
  11. Quickly see how students use devices today

What makes phones so dangerous, and what did teens do wrong?

Here are the things that make cell phones so dangerous, and young teens are more interested in these things than at any other time in history. The best way to keep kids safe is to use a parental control app to keep an eye on them.

  • Too Many Services for Spying

Maybe your child stares at the screen for too long every day. The average teen spends between 1 and 7 hours a day looking for, watching, and using content that is not appropriate for their age. The monitoring and parental control tools for kids from Spying Services help parents keep a close eye on their kids online to keep them safe. It's good to spread out the time you spend online. Use can limit how much time kids spend on their phones and tablets and get them to play outside. By setting up the best screen-free zones, you can help your kids be less obsessed with their phones, get them to sleep better, and be more present at family gatherings.

  • Services for spying

Block apps on your phone to stop spying services from working.

  • Screenshots
  • Take screenshots of your phone back and forth from afar

Screen Recording: Record live videos of your phone's screen to see what's going on.

  • Running into Predators

Do you know that online predators use video games, social media chats, and instant messengers as places to find victims? There is a chance of running into stalkers, cyberbullies, and sex offenders online. You can stop online predators from following your child. Teens can be safe online if their parents use software to keep an eye on them. There are a lot of liars on the internet, and it hides people from the real world. It is hard to figure out who online predators who pretend to be teenagers are. This is bad news for the safety of teens online. Most sexual offenders will talk to a minor or teen once or twice in an online sex chat and then try to meet them in person. They can send things like naked photos and videos of themselves to teens to get them to date them. Because of this, teens want to talk to or meet up with people who could be dangerous. So, teach your children to be careful when they use cell phones, the internet, and social media. The Services for Spying Parents can use parental controls to stop their kids from having sexual fantasies online that could lead to sexual activity. Your child might fall in love with someone they meet online.

  • Keystrokes
  1. Get a record of every keystroke on a cell phone
  2. GPS Tracking: See where someone is in real-time on Google Maps.
  3. SMS Logs: Keep track of texts sent and received on a schedule
  • Texting and Sexting

There are different kinds of sextortion, but in general, it is a way to get someone to do something sexual or intimate by showing them naked or sexual pictures. It happened when two people who didn't know each other met online through social networks, chat rooms, multiplayer games, and other forms of social media. Teens are at a breaking point when it comes to sexting and being sexted. 45 million videos and photos of teens that are not appropriate are on the internet. With the parental control features of Spying Services, parents can control their kids' phones and stop them from sexting and recording nudes to send to anyone. A few years ago, sending text messages was a problem, but now sextortion is a hidden epidemic. One out of every seven kids sends or receives sexts, which is scary for their online safety. Before it's too late, you should put parental control software on the devices your kids use.

  1. MIC Bug Control microphone to record the environment from a distance
  2. Phone cameras can record what's going on around the user.
  3. Streaming from a live camera
  4. Phone cameras let you see what's going on around you right now

Violence, Adult Content, and Online Dating

Online dating sites and social networking apps are making it easier for teens to connect online. They are obsessed with adult sites, groups, and hookup apps, and they often see violent content online that affects them physically, mentally, and emotionally. With parental spy apps for kids, parents can keep an eye on their teens and stop them from seeing things that aren't appropriate for their age, like revenge porn. Check to make sure that kids' cell phone browsers aren't being used by adults, and that teens under 18 aren't using dating apps like Tinder, Snapchat, and others. Your kids won't see violence in online games or Netflix shows. There are even violent sex gaming series that you can play online. It lets kids choose an online player with the gender they want, different body parts and sizes, skin color, and sex positions. Sex Games are much more dangerous than porn, and parents should use Parental apps to keep an eye on their children's credit card information and credit card numbers since these games often require subscription plans.

  1. Installed Apps: See a list of all the apps installed on the target phone with their names
  2. Browsing History Spy on cell phone browsers to see visited sites and bookmarks
  3. Tinder Spy App Spy on Tinder to see what people do on a dating app when they are online dating.
  4. Spying Services Have Features That Have Made It a Trademark for Kids Monitoring
  • Block Strange or Unknown Calls

With monitoring software, you can block incoming calls on a cell phone from a distance.

  • Password hunter or breaker

Cracking a pattern, PIN, or digital passcode on a cell phone is the only way to get into the phone.

  • How to Record Whatsapp Screen

Record the active WhatsApp screen on a phone and watch what's going on in real-time by recording videos.

  • Facebook Screen Recorder

With an FB screen recorder, you can see live chats, messages, chat logs, and audio and video call logs.
With an app called Instagram Screen Recorder, you can keep track of shared photos, videos, messages, and chats on Instagram.

  • Track Signal Messenger

Monitor signal private messenger app Using a VoIP call recording app, you can keep track of what goes on during a VoIP call.

  • QQ Messenger Monitoring

With QQ messages monitoring, you can read and keep track of both the text messages you send and receive on IM.

  • Calls that were taped

Using the Spying Services dashboard for monitoring kids, you can download the information from recorded phone calls.
Calls History Use the schedule to keep track of the history of incoming and outgoing calls on any cell phone.
With the discord spy app, you can listen to and record VoIP chats using the Discord VoIP app.

  • VoIP Call Recording

You can save data and record and listen to the voice and video calls on social networking apps.
VoIP Call History Spy on another phone's call history with a schedule and without rooting.

With spying services, you can keep an eye on your child digitally and make sure he or she is safe. Parental Control App

  1. Keep a close eye on your kids.
  2. Know who they are talking to all-day
  3. Know What They Are Wearing
  4. Tap on & Take on. You can be safe with just one click!

Services for spying. What's the point? Use cases

Kids' Safety in Cyberspace; Find out who your child talks to on the phone or the Internet; Parental Time Control; Track the location of your child's laptop or phone.
Use your computer to record sounds; send and receive SMS messages from a distance.
Spying Services is software that lets you watch what people do on their computers or phone. It also has a tool for parents to keep an eye on their kids. The program's features let you use it in different parts of your life, from raising children to adjusting your discipline. But let's look at what all the Spying Services app can do.

1. Keeping kids safe online and keeping a close eye on them We know how important it is for parents to know what their kids do when they are home alone. Because of this, the program Spying Services lets users keep track of what they do on their computers and phone. Now it's easy to keep an eye on your kids when they're on the computer and find out what games they're playing, what sites they're going to, etc. The program works on its own, and parents don't have to do anything to make it work.

Parental Control App Free
Spying Services gets all the information it needs and tells you the following:

  1. Which sites have been opened in the browser;
  2. What new games and apps came out for your PC or phone;
  3. Who your child talks to on the Internet;
  4. What's said in Skype, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. chats;
  5. The words in a Skype voice message;
  6. SMS, call log with the names and phone numbers of subscribers on your phone;

What kinds of photos were taken with a phone?

Get all of the information above, and you'll be able to see the big picture of your child's life on the Internet and be able to act quickly if you want to protect something.
2. Find out who your child talks to on the phone or over the Internet.
You've probably heard of cyberbullying, which is when kids are mean to each other on the Internet. The Spying Services program lets you keep track of your child and stop this kind of pressure before it gets to them. The app keeps a log of all the things you do on your computer and phone. Then, all of the information is sent to the server at Spying, where you can check all of your child's texts and phone calls. This feature lets you find a bad message, stop your kids from talking to strangers and make sure of their safety even when you're not there.

3. Parental Time Control
Services for spying Parental Time Control is a special app that lets you set limits on how long your kids can use any program or app. With the schedule function, your child won't be able to play games or surf the Internet during school hours. To use it, you just need to set the time lock and choose the apps that shouldn't be used at school or in the evening.
Also, if your child has a gambling or Internet addiction, you need to keep track of how much time they spend on the computer or phone, but you can't keep them from using them at all.
Set a time for your kids to play games and use the Internet. This will teach them to be responsible and help them learn to tell the difference between work and play.

4. Find a laptop or cell phone's location
Spying Services keeps track of where the laptop and phone are on a map. You can see this information in your account on our site. You can easily find out where your child was during the day with this feature. Also, it can help if your phone or tablet gets lost or stolen.

5. Use your computer to record sounds.
With Spying Services, you can record all voices and conversations around the computer. But the computer will only start to record automatically when sounds reach a certain level.

6. Remote SMS control
Your kid doesn't answer when you call? Or have you seen the phone move strangely on the map? The SMS remote control function can always be used. With SMS control, you can:

  1. Record and listen to sounds around the phone; Find out which app is currently running;
  2. Find out where the phone is right now.
  3. The goal of the Spying Services program is to help protect and educate your children.
  4. Parental controls made easy
  5. Make sure your kid is safe online.
  6. Make sure your child's use of technology is balanced and safe.
  • How do you want to be in charge?

You can block apps, set time limits on websites, filter websites, get reports, and more.

  1. Build positive digital habits
  2. Help your child get along with technology in a healthy way.
  3. All the tools you need to keep your children safe online.
  4. Click on the features below to find out what you can do with Spying Services.