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The Best Software for Tracking Employees

Your workers are the most important part of your business. How successful a company is can depend on how productive its employees are, so keeping employees productive is a top priority for a company's leadership team.

A report by Atlassian says that the average employee is only productive 60 percent or less of the time at work. This means that more than half of their time is wasted or spent on small things.

Using software to keep an eye on your employees can help them do their jobs better. If you don't know what employee monitoring software is or which one to get, let me tell you about the best ones and how they can help your employees reach their full potential.

Employee monitoring software is a must-have for business owners who want to make sure that their employees are using their time at work to do their jobs and responsibilities and not spending hours watching cat videos and scrolling through social media, or even worse, acting in a way that puts the company at risk, like being careless or malicious. Monitoring user activity can tell you how your employees spend their time every day, which can help you find ways to improve productivity and security. To find this year's best employee monitoring solutions, we looked for cheap, easy-to-use software with a wide range of features for tracking employee productivity, such as app and website tracking, content filters, and screen capture.

Why is Spying Services' software for tracking employees so important?

Spying Services is a new kind of software for analyzing how well employees do their jobs on PCs. This tool for tracking user activity is easy to use, safe, and flexible. The software from Spying Services is already being used successfully in 60 countries to keep an eye on employees and make them more productive.

  • Keeping an eye on workers visually

Spying Services let bosses see what their office and remote workers are doing on their work computers without getting in the way of their work.

  • Keeping track of the hour's employees work

Spying Services lets managers automate the process of keeping track of their employees' work hours, even if they are working from home. They can do this by making reports and timesheets.

  • Keeping an eye on how well employees do their jobs

Spying Services does a detailed analysis of what employees do, judging how well they do their jobs in a precise and thorough way.

  • Stopping information from getting out

Spying Services keeps track of everything that happens on a computer and has tools to find information quickly. This keeps employees from doing anything illegal.

  • Violation monitoring

Spying Services looks for things that don't fit with the work schedule or seem odd and tells both supervisors and employees.

Employee Monitoring App: Keep an eye on your workers' phones and computers

Set up services for spying You can put employee spy software on your employees' cell phones and computers to keep an eye on what they do online.

The Best Software for Tracking Employees

  1. Need to listen to a worker's phone? Spying Services has everything you need to spy.
  2. listening in on their calls
  3. Using GPS to find out where they are
  4. Spy on cell phone emails, text messages, and Messenger chats
  5. Watch what employees do on the company's PCs in real time
  6. You can record in surround sound on laptops and desktops
  7. Live phone calls can be recorded on company-owned cell phones and tablets
  8. Filter out websites that waste employees' time on their computers.
  9. Get a copy of all the information on devices that are stored.
  10. Control the cameras on employees' PCs and smartphones to make sure they are there.

Employee Monitoring Software Free app for Android - IOS - Windows and Mac

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Surround Recording

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Browser History

Read Gmail

Remote Monitoring

Block Apps

Block SMS

Monitor Webcam





Whatsapp Messages

Monitor Skype

Monitor Viber

Facebook Messenger

Instagram Spy

Telegram Messages

Vine Monitoring

Hangout Messages

Kik Monitoring

iMessage Spy

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Spying Services Ensures a Productive Work Environment, Free from Procrastination

Employee Email Monitoring App

Monitor all emails sent or received (with the date and time geotags) by your employees via their cell phones’ email app. Remember that email abuse is a norm and around 50 percent of companies have already fired their employees for email misuse.

Employee Location Tracking App

If you fear your employees pulling off a deal with your rivals, know where they go during their lunch breaks or have better control of your logistics business with Spying Services’s employee location tracking app that tracks location in real-time.

Employee Internet Monitoring Software

You wouldn’t want your employees to be watching porn at work that could ruin the workplace tranquility. Use Spying Services’s employee internet usage monitoring software and monitor their browsing history and saved bookmarks on their phones.

iPhone Employee Tracking App

Don’t just monitor specific phone logs; rather, monitor your employee's entire cell phone with an iPhone tracking app that even works without any app download or installation on the target device.

Employee Social Media Tracking Software

Online reputation and employees’ social media tracking go hand in hand. Your employees are your company’s representatives; make sure they aren’t putting up anything awkward or downright ferocious on their social medial profiles.

Employee Phone Logs Tracking App

Your employees’ calls, SMS, and a hefty phonebook could have a plethora of workplace-related secrets and revelations. Start using Spying Services for a better insight into your company’s under-the-table activities.

Employee Monitoring Software – Spy Employees Remotely

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How Spying Services Works

Spying Services are extremely easy to use. This section will guide you about how Spying Services works and how you can use it to monitor all your target phones or tablets remotely.

Track Company Cell Phones On the Go with Spying Services for Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Spying Services works with all Android devices running Gingerbread 2.3 or later and all iOS devices (running iOS 6.0 or above). But if you want to avoid problems with hardware or software, you should check out Spying Services' Compatibility Page.

Anywhere on the site, you can buy Spying Services by clicking on "Try Now." Visit our FAQs page or call Customer Support if you have any more questions before you buy.

If you aren't getting any information from your employees' mobile devices, make sure that the monitored devices have a working internet connection.

Both the Android and Jailbreak versions of Spying Services need to be installed on the target device only once. But if you use a version of Spying Services that doesn't require jailbreaking, you only need your employees' iCloud login information.

At the moment, we don't have a PC version.

Employee monitoring software is a cloud-based or on-premises service that keeps track of and keeps a record of what employees do on their computers. This software shows business owners and managers how employees use company computers and other work devices. For example, it can keep track of the websites they go to and the apps they use. It can also keep track of their work hours, block websites and apps that are harmful or not productive, and even record things as they happen on the screen. Software that keeps an eye on employees is often used to improve productivity, employee engagement, and company security.

Remote work can be hard for both employees and managers, but employee monitoring software can help with attendance, productivity, and security issues. When people are at work, it's easy for a manager to take a walk around the office and see who is there and what they are doing. With employee monitoring software, managers can do the same thing from a distance by making sure employees are working when they say they are. Working from home has a lot of distractions that aren't as important at the office, like taking care of kids, doing housework, running errands, etc., but not all employees will admit they can't concentrate. With employee monitoring software, you can see who is working well and who needs more help or direction. It can also tell you when your team is most productive and what tools they need to do their best work. Your business faces more security risks when you have employees who work from home. If an employee accesses company information from a public Wi-Fi network that isn't secure or uses a company-owned device to look at harmful content, your company is at risk of security breaches. Monitoring software helps block harmful content and find remote workers who might be a risk.

This is often up to the person. Some states have rules and limits about this, but there are no federal laws that say you have to tell your employees if you are watching them. In either case, it's usually a good idea to tell them, especially since results are often better when employees are on board with the software. For instance, if the goal of your monitoring software is to make your employees more productive, say so. If your team knows that what they do is being tracked and looked at, they are likely to work harder. This is also a good time to talk about the right and wrong ways to use company devices, which can make it less likely that harmful or unproductive things will happen.

Business spying services let you keep track of company cell phones while they are in use.

Spying Services has made a brilliant smartphone app that doesn't bother employees and keeps track of them. Spying Services will keep track of everything your employees do, so they won't waste time at work or fail to use your company's valuable assets. Spying Services is the software you can count on to keep an eye on your employees. Its accuracy features knowing how to deal with employees' sneaky ways. So, read their emails and text messages in secret, track their GPS location, or look at all the saved data on their phones and tablets from anywhere in the world.

Employee monitoring software Free

Spying Services App lets you take on as much responsibility as you can.

When your company put you in charge of their employees, they put their trust in you. It's your job to show them how much you appreciate their trust by making sure none of the people who work for you act in an unprofessional way. Part of that is, of course, making sure they use their official gear fairly and responsibly. How can you know for sure? Until recently, you couldn't do anything about it. But you can do it now. You can install software on their company-provided phones and tablets and start spying on them in many ways. If they do their jobs well and are responsible, you should respect that and know who should get the next promotion. ...you know what to do with them if they aren't. It works out well for everyone.

 What are Business Spying Services?

Entrepreneurs are now choosing quick and smart ways to keep an eye on their employees. Spying Services are the best way to keep an eye on your employees because it is easy to use and doesn't cost much. In the cutthroat business world of today, you can't make decisions about what your employees do all day based on guesswork. Instead, you need to use Spying Services to keep track of what they do in real life and online all day long. The cost of buying multiple licenses is low, and there are many great monitoring features to take advantage of. By putting software from Spying Services on their company-owned phones or tablets, you can access all the data they have saved on those devices from afar. Spying Services lets you:

  1. Track emails, contacts, and multimedia files in secret (Photos and videos).
  2. Check their web history, appointments, and calendar entries from far away.
  3. Record calls and the area around the phone.
  4. Find out where they are and where they've been with their GPS.
  5. You can define words, people, and places that seem suspicious and get instant alerts when they are used.
  6. Wipe and lock a phone from a distance.

Spying services make sure that the workplace is productive and free of procrastination.

Even when expensive tools are used to keep an eye on employees, they learn how to get around them. Whether they are CCTV cameras or recorders, all of them have flaws. But keeping track of employees with cell phones could save you a lot of money, so you can keep track of, monitor, or record their activity from afar without having to pay for more expensive tools. Spying Services is an app that has many different parts.

Spying services only keep an eye on what matters. Watchlist Alerts

Watch how your employees use their phones, but only what you think is important. Services for spying Watchlist Alerts make monitoring easier by removing data that isn't important or personal. Set up keyword-based alerts on the devices you're watching, and you'll get emails on your mobile devices telling you what's going on. With its effective employee monitoring app, XNXPY saves you time and money.

  1. Set up alerts for certain people
  2. Set up alerts for certain email addresses.
  3. Alerts can be set up for certain words
  4. Set up alerts for certain places

Easy way to organize and sort multiple employee devices! When you are monitoring a lot of employee devices at once, you can make things easier on yourself by filtering them by department or by adding any other relevant tags.


  1. People who use the internet for things other than work are 40% less productive than people who don't.
  2. 70% of all traffic to pornographic websites happens when people are at work. Don't be the kind of boss whose workers watch porn all day at work.
  3. Cyber espionage is done by employees or former employees 44% of the time. Keep in mind that it costs the U.S. $445 billion every year.
  4. Don't be one of the 33 percent of U.S. companies that don't use tools to track their employees' emails, computer files, and phone calls.
  5. Ninety-one percent of workers think that surfing the internet at work could be addicting.
  6. Spying Services is the software you can use to keep an eye on your employees. You can use it to look at their internet history and bookmarks.
  7. A study found that the personal lives of employees could affect not only their work lives but also the reputation of their employers.
  8. Spying Services is software that lets you keep an eye on everything your employees do. It has more than 30 features that make your work and home digital spaces safer.

Why Should Staff/Employee Monitoring Be Done?

Employers want to know how productive their workers are and what kinds of things they do on digital devices owned by the company. Employers also want to know how their workers use their cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Also, they want to know if employees are making good use of their time at work. But for the sake of business security, they want to stop the staff from doing things that waste time, pose internal threats, leak data, or seem odd. So, employers sometimes have to keep an eye on what their employees do, especially on company-owned digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers with different operating systems (OS). It is made up of several tech solutions to find out what employees are doing on their digital devices and where they are.

  •  Spying services can help you ease up on your employees.

A solution for monitoring employee cell phones that doesn't get in the way means you're being nice to your employees by giving them space to work without getting in the way.
Cell phone surveillance is meant to make people more productive, not less productive. Spying Services is the only company you should use to keep an eye on your employees from afar and make your company proud.

  • One business owner at a time, making America rich!

Employees lose a lot of work time, and a lot of that is because they spend too much time online. Get Spying Services Today and add something as simple as an employee cell phone monitoring app to your business to make it more productive and make more money.

  1. So, there are different ways to keep track of what employees do on business-owned devices.
  2. Employees track on PCs to stop internal business threats
  3. Employee devices are being watched to protect intellectual property.
  4. Monitoring what employees do on their laptops and desktops to increase productivity
  5. Workforce monitoring to keep business-owned devices from being used to waste time
  6. Spy on company-owned phones and computers to find out which employees aren't doing their jobs well.

Why should an employer use software spy on employees from Spying Services?

Employers can use Employee surveillance software to improve their business and make sure their workers are working hard while they are at work. Also, you can check in on what employees are doing on the company's devices from time to time. You can track, record, and listen to what employees say on the internet to keep confidential company information from getting out. You can use the cameras on your employees' laptops to see where they are and what they are doing at any given time. You can also record the conversations of employees in the area of their computers and digital cell phones.

An employer can keep an eye on emails sent and received on business-owned computers and find out where employees who are working in the field are. So, in addition to spying on employees' data, you can gather information and protect valuable data stored on devices with backup capabilities. You can catch employees who used to waste time at work and put off tasks they were supposed to do. You can also catch dishonest employees doing something fishy. Leave behind all the bad things, and you'll be able to judge even the employees who are hardworking and willing to do their best for the company.

  1. Employers can read the emails that are sent and received. They can also back up the information that is stored on PCs.
  2. Employers can block websites that waste time on PCs and smartphones
  3. The owner of a business can keep an eye on what employees say on social media.
  4. You can record the screen of a computer or phone as it happens in real-time.
  5. Screenshots of digital devices given to employees can be taken remotely. All keystrokes on PCs and smartphones can be tracked.
  6. Track employees' GPS locations during work hours to let them know you're there.
  7. Record and listen to calls to customer service,

Services for spying What is a good reason to use software to keep an eye on your employees?

Employers want their businesses to grow as much as possible. So, an Employee surveillance app is the best tool of its kind that can do things outside of its main purpose. You can use it to keep your business safe from both cyber threats and threats that come from within. Also, find out what your employees are doing at work in real-time to avoid their excuses, which can lead to a lack of work at the end of the day. Aside from that, an employer can set up commands to find out what employees are doing during work hours. So, you will get a report telling you whether employees are wasting time or working hard enough to be productive. Also, you can fire employees who work against the company and try to get secret information out to the public. So, you can check their emails, phone calls, and social media to see if they're working at a certain place where they've been sent. So, as soon as they walk into the office and log in to phones, tablets, and computers owned by the company, you can tell them what to do and control everything they used to do.

How to Keep an Eye on Employees?

Do you want to stop worrying about how productive your business is, how much time employees waste, and what they might be up to, among other things? Just get the Spying Services Employees surveillance software and install it on the target phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop computer according to the operating system. It comes with more flexibility, more powerful features, and more ways to keep track of what employees are doing on company-owned devices. On company-owned devices, you can do things like surround recording, email monitoring, screen recording, taking screenshots, web filtering, GPs location tracking, and keeping track of what employees are doing on social media. Employers can find out what employees are doing on company-owned devices in real-time and catch disgruntled workers by using spy software for employees to record live phone calls and control the microphones and cameras of company-owned digital devices.

Why do you need services for spying? Are employees being watched?

  • Evaluation of how well workers do their jobs

The worker can do his or her job and produce some results, but the boss doesn't know how much time the worker spent on work and how much on computer games or social networks. Maybe the company loses a lot of money because of an inefficient worker.

  • Information about businesses can't get out.

Services for spying Employee Monitoring keeps track of everything a PC user does, so you can see what they write, how they use social networks and instant messaging, etc. It will make it easy to find employees who give your competitors business information.

Security Employee Monitoring Software will keep you safe from outside threats like employees using dangerous software or going to suspicious websites.

  • Data storage and transfer

Services for spying Employee Monitoring is a great way to store and send business information. If your company lost some corporate data by accident, Spying Services may be able to help you get it back quickly and for free. You can just go to your online account to get to the recorded data, look at it, and send it somewhere else.

Spying Services: Main Things to Know About Employee Monitoring


Sets the time employees arrive and leave, as well as their free time. Graphs make it easy to understand the data.


Analytical graphs are made from the data that has been collected about different kinds of activities, such as the use of apps, visits to websites, etc. These graphs will help the manager figure out how productive each worker is.

  • Features of a Recording

It keeps a record of what the target computer's screen and webcam see at all times. Screen and webcam recording is a great way to find out what was going on around the target device and what the user was doing during a certain period.


With the keystrokes logger, you can see all the keystrokes that have been made on your computer, even if they have been erased.


It takes a picture of the desktop without the user being aware of it.


Snapshots are taken when asked for from the web or when the settings say to.


From your online account, you can make a report with the data you've saved and download it.


Seeing what's on the screen in real-time


Audio recordings are made when asked for from a distance or when the chosen microphone level is exceeded.


Activity in a business-oriented social network is closely watched. LinkedIn


Video recording is made on remote request


Keeping track of all the websites you visit


Getting information about Facebook chats, pages visited, search terms, and other things.


Social activities on Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, etc. are being recorded.


Besides Facebook and LinkedIn, you will also be able to monitor activity on MySpace, Twitter, Google+, Vkontakte, and Odnoklassniki, which are all popular social networks.

SKYPE: Stopping a two-way conversation


Starting and ending work on the computer, time spent doing nothing


This program also has a feature called "Printer Control" that lets you control how the printers on the system work.


You can both watch and control what removable drives like HDD, USB, and SD do.


Corporate networks can keep an eye on what domain users are doing

SEARCH ENGINES MONITORING keeps track of the searches that people do on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. This includes keeping track of the search terms that were used.


Data collection about applications that are running (time of launch/close, length of use).

  • Features of Stealth

The user won't see the running program in the list of running and installed programs, the desktop tray, or the Start menu, so they won't know it's there.

  • Viewing data and keeping it safe
  • Services for Spying COMPANION

Install the app, and your iPhone will be able to do everything the online dashboard can do. On your device, you can see all monitoring data, screenshots, statistics, live streams, and more.


You'll be able to see the data you've collected in your account on the dashboard.


Real-time viewing of all employees' screens at the same time


You can look at the data collected right on the employee's computer. The collected data can be locked down with a password that only a director will know.


Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your data. You can get verification codes if you link your Telegram account to your Spying Services dashboard.


You can set up logs to be sent to email, FTP, or LAN.


You can set up regular logs to be sent to cloud storage.

  • Remote Control Features

You can ask a webcam to take pictures or videos, start a microphone recording, or do other things from a distance.


Through a web account, you can set up data collection from afar.


Through a secure web account, you can remove the program from the target PC remotely.

  • Alerts and Options to Take Charge

You can block sites by category (such as adult, social networks, or dating), by adding them to a blacklist of URLs or keywords.

  • ALERT: Word tracking and alerts

You can make a list of keywords, and when they are printed, a system warning will appear.

  1. Keeping an eye on computers online
  2. Software that checks on employees in real time

With real-time remote monitoring software, you can see what your employees are doing right now, what websites and apps they are using, and so on. Spying Services' computer surveillance software automatically sends out alerts if certain employee rules are broken, based on the settings that were made. This software for keeping track of employees has a special timer on the screen that shows how long an employee has been away from work when they are not working.

Our only offer: Spying Services' workplace monitoring software has an easy-to-use interface called Quadrator because it looks like a bunch of square cells. This lets you monitor the computers of an unlimited number of employees in multiple sessions from afar. You can put these sessions into lists based on the parameters you set, and it's easy to switch between these lists. You can also give different users different levels of access to the tools for monitoring employees' desktops that are part of Spying Services.

  • Online broadcast of what employees do on their computers
  • Time-tracking for employees
  • Employee mistakes and violations found
  • Time tracking for employees

Unauthorized tracking of absences and lateness

Spying Services Employee monitoring software has a time-tracking feature that lets you keep an eye on how much time employees or whole departments spend at work. Employee time tracking reports and timesheets keep track of things like overtime, being late, leaving early, being absent, taking coffee or smoke breaks, going for a walk in the middle of the workday, and other things that take time away from work. Graphs and diagrams are used to show how these employee timesheet monitoring data are being used. The productivity calendar in the Spying Services remote pc monitoring software lets you set up work schedules for employees that take into account their vacations, weekends, and business trips.

Our only offer: The interface of Spying Services is simple and easy to use, so even a person who has never used employee control software before will be able to use it. Reports on how productive your employees are are being sent straight to your email address to save you time.

  • Keeping an eye on employee timesheets
  • Reporting on employee timesheets
  • Keeping track of employees' work hours
  • Analysis of how productive employees are

Websites and apps can keep track of who uses them.

Spying Services' employee productivity monitoring software makes it easy to see how much time an employee spends on work tasks versus how much time they spend on personal matters or just sitting around doing nothing. Spying Services will keep an eye on social networks, instant messaging, online games, smoking breaks, and other ways to waste time. Spying Services' employment tracking software is helpful for supervisors because it keeps track of work time, gives reports on productivity, applications, and violations, and has a "Details of the Day" report and an "Employee's Rating" report that give you a full picture of how productive each employee is at work.

Our only offer: Spying Services' employee tracking software lets the user make different settings for each worker based on what they do at work. Integration with keylogger and screen tracking software gives a full overview and analysis of employee activity. Employee productivity analysis reporting right to your e-mail box saves you a lot of time (you set the list of e-mail recipients and frequency of reporting up to your preference).

  1. Watching how productive employees are.
  2. Reports on the analysis of employee productivity.
  3. How productive employees are.
  4. A unique way to measure how productive you are.
  5. Employees record their computer screens

Keeping track of and recording desktop activity

Computer screen activity recording lets you see what all employees are doing on their computers at any time. Together with the built-in keystroke tracker, this makes it fast and easy to find a specific piece of employee desktop activity video. Our unique video compression algorithm and user-configurable video frame rate save Server disc or cloud space. A video of what an employee did at the computer that was recorded by employee monitoring software is a great piece of evidence when you're looking into an incident or trying to figure out where mistakes were made.

Our special offer is that all of the tools listed above are unique and can only be found in the monitoring software from Spying Services.

  1. In settings, you can turn off this feature.
  2. Websites and apps that filter
  3. Settable storage time for staff desktop monitoring video files
  4. The unique video compression algorithm
  5. Employee violations are kept an eye on

Employee violations need to be found and kept track of.

Spying Services' software for keeping an eye on employees quickly finds mistakes and violations made by employees. The violation filter goes off when certain programs or websites on a list are started or when files with names on the list are opened. On the histogram of employee desktop activity monitoring, you can choose a piece of video that shows an employee breaking the rules. You can then watch this video in the History section.

The Best Software for Tracking Employees

Automatic messages will be sent to both the employee and their supervisor when they break the rules, whether it's by wasting time, going to a bad website, or not coming to work. The Autokick employee monitoring software now has a new feature that lets employees see automatic alerts when they break the rules, and it also lets managers get these alerts in their emails.

Our only offer: Violation trigger is built into the Quadrator interface so that violations by employees can be found and seen in real-time.

  1. Histogram of employee violations
  2. Playback of a video about employee violations
  3. Monitoring for data leaks and monitoring for insider threats
  4. Keeping track of what users do

Spying Services is software that lets you keep an eye on what your employees are doing. This user activity monitoring software gives you a full picture of what all your employees have been doing at any given time. It also lets you find suspicious activities and check them out.

The analytical reports from Spying Services show bosses exactly what their employees do all day long at work. Features like "violation control," "screen video recording," "keylogger," and "automatic notifications" help you keep track of unusual employee behavior and see every suspicious thing an employee does on their PC. Because of these features, it's almost impossible to trick the Spying Services employee monitoring software, like by using a clicker that clicks for you.

Executives or department heads will be able to make the best decisions about their employees if they have a full picture of what their employees are doing. It will also help security experts find possible threats right away.

Only we can offer:

  1. There are 9 kinds of analytical reports
  2. Keeping a detailed video record of what employees do on their PCs
  3. Software that makes it very hard to cheat
  4. How productive employees are

Keeping an eye on how employees' work changes

Tracking what employees do at their desks gives a full picture of how productive they are. You will learn about employee behavior analytics and how they act in certain ways so that you can improve your business processes. You can look at employee productivity at different times of the day, on different days of the week, and in different seasons, so you can see when engagement goes up or down.

Our only offer: Employee monitoring software shows the dynamics of employee activity by comparing how many productive, unproductive, and neutral actions were done in an hour. Programs that offer software to keep an eye on employees don't have anything like this feature.

  1. Keeping an eye on how employee productivity changes
  2. Department performance management
  3. Quality control for employee performance
  4. Remote PC access

Remote PC Administration

Spying Services' remote desktop control software lets you manage employee computers from afar, even if they are running Linux, Mac OS, or MS Windows. With remote PC control software, you can set up programs or the operating system of a computer from afar, restore data, and look through local files and logs.

Our only offer: Full control over employees who work from home. There is a hidden access feature, so employees won't even know that their computer is being watched. This monitoring software for employees has features that let employees control their computers from afar and control them in secret.

  1. If you need to, you can turn this feature off.
  2. Just one click to connect
  3. Files transfer
  4. Remote control of the keyboard, mouse, and clipboard

Keylogger Keystroke tracker

Software that logs keystrokes keeps track of every key that is pressed on the keyboard. Spying Services' keystroke recorder is synchronized with an online employee monitoring tool, so you can see what keys the employee is pressing right now. Syncing with employee desktop activity recording lets you see keystroke capture logs along with user activity tracking video files.

Our special offer is a keylogger that records both audio and video of what's going on at the computer. By keeping an eye on computers, you can find out what was going on when a certain phrase was typed.

  1. There is a way to turn this feature off.
  2. Online keystroke monitoring
  3. Keystroke logging
  4. Keystroke tracking logs can be searched for certain words.

Employees can be watched from afar

Spying Services' time clock software is a great way to keep an eye on remote workers and keep track of the time they work. Our well-designed timekeeping software keeps track of how long a freelancer works on a job, which is important for paying them the right amount for their work. Online remote employee monitoring software and analysis of employee productivity will give you a full picture of how well your outsourced employees did their jobs during their scheduled working hours. Spying Services' remote access software lets you manage the computers of remote employees.

Our only offer: With the Spying Services 2020 update, employees now have the option to turn on and off the agent program by themselves. This means that a supervisor can use the software to keep an eye on an employee's computer at home without worrying about the employee's privacy. Autokick's work-from-home tracking software has a set of tools that let an employee see how productive they are, how productive they are compared to others in the company, and get automatic alerts when they break the rules.

  1. Time counter
  2. Analysis of how productive employees are
  3. Remote PC Administration
  4. Watching the computers in the classroom

Software to watch over school computers

The computer time-tracking program from Spying Services is a great choice for computer monitoring in the classroom. Online computer monitoring makes it possible to see what students are doing on the computers in real-time. When used together, online PC monitoring and a violation filter will find out right away if students are playing online games instead of doing their homework.

  1. Online tracking of any number of PC visits to any website analysis
  2. Quickly find out about mistakes and violations
  3. Finding a violation

The Employee Violation Detecting feature keeps track of what employees do on their work computers that is either not directly related to their work or is clearly against their work schedule. Some examples are visiting a website that isn't allowed, running a video game, going to a certain website, or opening a certain file. All of these things are shown on a custom violation histogram, which is in sync with the keylogger and the video recording of employee activity. In addition to showing violations visually in the form of a histogram, it is also possible to send automatic notifications directly to an employee when they happen. The violation detection feature helps make monitoring employees easy, quick, and effective.

Our exclusive features:

  1. Histogram of violations.
  2. The activities of employees are recorded on video.
  3. Notifications come on their own.
  4. Automatic notifications
  5. letting employees know about violations automatically

Spying Services' employee monitoring software sends out automatic alerts when rules are broken at work. Whether an employee is late, does nothing, runs apps, or visits websites that aren't allowed, a pop-up message will remind them right away that they aren't doing what they should. Has a worker been on the job for too long without taking a break? The alert will also let them know when it's time to take a break. Supervisors can set up different alerts for each employee or department thanks to the program's flexible settings. The program also allows alerts about violations to be sent to the supervisor's email. Automatic notifications are a great way to help employees be more self-disciplined at the computer, and they work well for both office workers and people who work from home.

Our only offer: Spying Services lets employees know when rules are broken. It's a much kinder and more democratic way to get control than punishments or other forms of discipline.

  1. Notifications that are sent automatically
  2. Adjustable settings for tools
  3. Putting copies of alerts in the mail for the boss
  4. Interface for self-monitoring
  5. Infographics about your productivity

With a self-monitoring interface, a worker can see how productive they are during the workday. Any time, an employee can look at their productivity analytics by clicking on an icon in their computer's system tray. The data are shown in the form of easy-to-understand infographics that show the total amount of time spent working, as well as periods of productive, non-productive, and idle time. It's one way to make sure that employees are self-monitoring, and it's also one of the things that set Spying Services apart from other software for monitoring employees. Self-monitoring interface is a useful tool for getting people, especially those who work from home, to be more self-organized.

Our special offer is that employees can see at any time how productive they are.

  1. Ability to see their statistics on how productive they are
  2. Putting up all the basic signs of productivity
  3. Adjustable settings for tools
  4. Free help with technology
  5. Our only deal!

After a customer buys our software, we don't just forget about them. On the other hand, we offer the most customer support when it comes to installing, setting up, and maintaining our software products. This will be completely free for as long as our software works.

Our exclusive offer: If you ask, our experts can help you install and set up the software, install the server part of the program on the cloud, and choose a good cloud service.

  1. Installation support
  2. Setting support
  3. Free technical help for an indefinite amount of time