Computer Monitoring Software

Computer Monitoring Software

Free Computer Spy Software For PC - MacOS

Services for Computer Spying on Software PC Spy Software is the best way to protect kids and teens and keep an eye on employees. Stop guessing and start looking into what they are doing. Spying Services is the best software for spying on a computer because:

  1. Read popular IM chats and emails
    1. Record browser activity
    2. Monitor PC and Mac devices
    3. Supports Microsoft Outlook 365 Webmail
    4. Track all keystrokes and view Keylogs
    5. See file transfers
    6. Trade in your old software
    7. Measure bandwidth activity
    8. Track USB activity and user logins
    9. 24x7 support
    10. Installation service available
    11. Record Screen Activity
    12. Listen to Surroundings
    13. Record browser activity
    14. Tamper Controls
    15. Block websites
    16. Easy-to-View Data
    17. Remotely uninstall the software

With 60+ unique features, Spying Services is the world's best computer monitoring software for parents and employers

Spying Services computer monitoring software gives you access to cutting-edge features that let you spy on any Desktop/Laptop from anywhere. Spying Services MAC & PC spy app is able to do stealth operations without letting your target know. For example, you can see exactly when each activity on a PC or MAC computer happened online. 

Who needs software to keep an eye on a computer? 

Spying Services is for anyone who owns a computer and needs to protect themselves or those they are responsible for from all kinds of cyber-threats.  Employers can use Spying Services to record keystrokes, keep track of USB connections, and keep an eye on employee productivity, browser history, desktop screenshots, and emails. With our file activity tracking features, you can even keep an eye on network bandwidth and stop possible data breaches before they happen. 

Parents can keep an eye on what their kids are doing online by using Spying Services' full set of parental controls. Never again will you have to worry about what apps they install, what websites they visit, or who they talk to on IM or email. 

When other people are using your computer, you can use our computer monitoring software to keep an eye on it and protect it.

Mac Monitoring Software

  • Pc keylogger - spy on keystrokes
  • Web history - spy on the internet
  • Take screenshots - view the screen remotely
  • Email tracker - spy on emails
  • Remote update - update remotely
  • Track chats - spy on online chats
  • See file activities - monitor files transfers
  • Easy access - cloud-based monitoring
  • Track USB activities - monitor USB activity
  • Track user logins - monitor mac users
  • Remote settings - change settings remotely
  • Tamper controls - hidden or visible
  • Network activity - what and who is connected
  • Safeguard your data - monitor file transfers
  • Remotely uninstall - uninstall remotely
  • Mic bug spy app - mac microphone
  • Web-based control pane
  • Mac camera bug to capture front cam photo remotely
  • Device status provides you wi-fi, battery & GPS status on the mac. Find More

Windows Spy Software

  • Pc keylogger - spy on keystrokes
  • Web history - spy on the internet
  • Take screenshots - view the screen remotely
  • Email tracker - spy on emails
  • Remote update - update remotely
  • Track chats - spy on online chats
  • See file activities - monitor files transfers
  • Easy access - cloud-based monitoring
  • Track USB activities - monitor USB activity
  • Track user logins - monitor mac users
  • Remote settings - change settings remotely
  • Tamper controls - hidden or visible
  • Network activity - what and who is connected
  • Safeguard your data - monitor file transfers
  • Remotely uninstall - uninstall remotely
  • Mic bug spy app - Windows microphone
  • Web-based control pane
  • Windows camera bug to capture front cam photo remotely
  • Device status provides you wi-fi, battery & GPS status on the mac. Find More
Spying Services: True Guardian of your children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Spying Services: True Guardian of your children 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One box has a lot of things that could be dangerous for kids, like PC and MAC layouts, color schemes, wallpapers, different shortcuts, icons, a calculator, and other things. This small PC and MAC is also an empty world with practical truths, like how kids used to spend all day playing games, talking to their friends, and making up stories. 

The sneaky sexual content kills the mind and soul, makes people feel less like themselves, and hurts the brain development of children. Because of these problems, parents are less likely to keep an eye on what their young children and teens do on their PCs and Macs. Just put the computer spy software from Spying Services on your child's device, and you'll be able to keep an eye on them at all times.

Spyware for Mac and PC: Keep an Eye on Your Employees

Employees in an organization don't always do the work they're supposed to do. Instead, they do things like play card games on the PC and MAC or listen to music. Some employees also see things that aren't supposed to be seen by them and sometimes damage the computer systems.  So, employers can solve all of these problems by installing computer monitoring software on their machines. This software can keep track of everything their employees do while they are at work. Just put a Mac and PC spy app on the devices your business owns, and all your worries as a boss will go away.

Spyware for Mac and PC: Keep an Eye on Your Employees
What is software for watching a computer?

What is software for watching a computer?

Spying Services computer monitoring software is an app that you can put on a PC or Mac to keep an eye on what's going on with a specific computer or network of computers. Our software is the best way for employers, parents, and even private users who know how important it is to protect their businesses, personal information, and loved ones to keep track of what their employees are doing. Spying Services gives you more options than any other service because it has more than 40 features and keeps adding more every day. And if you have a product from a competitor that you don't like, you can use our trade-in service.

What can Computer Spying Services do?

Spying Services monitors PC and Mac devices from afar and sends the information to an easy-to-use online portal. You get more because Spying Services is the most powerful computer monitoring software in the world. Once installed, Spying Services watches and records everything on the target computer without being seen. The data is sent to your online portal, where you can see reports on how it was used and what it was used for. Use this information to stop insider threats, boost the productivity of your employees, back up your data, or start a conversation with your kids about how to act online. 

Have a mobile device? You can keep it safe with services like iPhone Spy or Android Spy.

What can Computer Spying Services do?

How to install the MAC and PC Monitoring app:

As a user, you need to pay attention to a few things in order to set up the PC & MAC monitoring app. The requirements for PC and MAC devices are the same: you need to be able to physically access your device, you need a user name and password, and you need a stable internet connection for real-time monitoring. 

Why is Spying Services the best software for keeping an eye on a computer? 

The best computer monitoring software is the one that has the most features, is the most reliable, has the best customer service, and lets you upgrade to more powerful versions as your needs change. Not all spy apps for computers are the same, so why settle for anything less than the best?

Spying Services gives you: 

More things. Spying Services for Computers has more than 40 features, and many of them are unique. Spying Services give you information, insights, and clues that no one else has. 

Easy to get to. You can look at your data in any web browser or on our special mobile app. Just log in to your portal to see everything that was taken from the computer being watched. 

Customer service that can't be beaten. Spying Services offers customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can be sure that your questions will be answered no matter when or where you are. 

Multi-device Support. From one portal, you can easily keep an eye on phones, tablets, and computers. During the subscription period, you can move licenses instantly between devices at any time. 

For PC Windows

First, you have to make sure they work together. The PC spy app works with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. It also works with Windows 11. After that, check the version of Windows by getting physical access to the device, clicking the Start button, pressing Run while a window is running, typing winter, and pressing Enter. The version will then appear. 

For Apple Macs

The Mac monitoring app works with MAC OS Mavericks, Yosemite, macOS Monterey, and MAC OS Capitan. Now you can check the MAC version: get a device in your hands, click on the Apple icon, press "About This MAC," and you'll see the MAC version.

How Spying Services Protect your teens and business assets in 4 steps

How Spying Services Protect your teens and business assets in 4 steps

You've got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?

Frequently asked Question

Spying Services Server & Application Monitor (FREE TRIAL), NinjaOne (FREE TRIAL), Opmantek Open-AudIT (FREE TRIAL), Atera (FREE TRIAL), Paessler PRTG Network Monitor (FREE TRIAL), ManageEngine Applications Manager, Datadog Infrastructure Monitoring, and TeamViewer Remote Management.

How to Install Spying Services to Remotely Watch Another PC. Making it easy to get to. TeamViewer on a Different Computer. TeamViewer on a mobile device.

How did we choose the best software for keeping an eye on employees? Services for spying. iMonitorSoft is spyware that you can hire. InterGuard is software that can keep track of all computer activities at once. Control and monitoring of employees... Veriato. Work Examiner is the platform for insider threat intelligence. Hubstaff lets you keep track of how much time you spend on the Web, how long you work, and more.

Parental time control is a free app that works well to keep an eye on any device running Windows, Android, or Mac. Keep your kids safe on the Internet by finding out who they talk to, how long they play games, and how much time they spend on the webspace.

Technical monitoring, functional monitoring, and business process monitoring are the three main types of monitoring. The diagram below shows these. There is a clear order to these three groups.

Best Software for Tracking a Computer

The success of a business depends a lot on how well its employees do their jobs. So, all organizations try to keep a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment for their employees to work. But business owners need to keep track of and keep an eye on their employees' computers so they can keep them from getting viruses, being hacked, or downloading harmful content.

Many software developers now make monitoring software for businesses that you can buy and use in your business. Computer monitoring software keeps an eye on what employees are doing on their computers and shows you either live video or reports based on what they are doing. Since so many employees work from home or in other places, monitoring tools have become even more important.

Why would you want to use monitoring software?

Monitoring software is made to keep track of what users doing work on enterprise systems are doing and how they are doing it. It keeps an eye on what users do on their system and gives the system or network administrator information about what happened. This software for keeping an eye on things is also called computer surveillance software.

In this article, we'll talk about some popular Employee Monitoring software, how users rate them, and what their pros and cons are.

1. Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Computer Monitoring software is a lightweight but powerful tool for keeping track of what employees are doing at their desks. It records everything they do and streams its lives. It works like a camera that is set up to watch over the employees' screens. It puts a monitoring agent on the computer of the employee either remotely or by hand. After that, the computer will always be under full surveillance when it is turned on. This gives you the benefits of real-time Desktop Monitoring because you can stop employees from opening bad apps or phishing sites right away and save their data. It is widely thought to be one of the best remote computer monitoring programs because it can watch even remote workstations and laptops that move around.

The best software for keeping an eye on employees can make it easy to set up and track network access permissions, boost productivity, and make the workplace safer.

Employee monitoring software has always brought up negative thoughts about spying on employees. Now, though, it may be more important to make sure the right people can use the right software. Because of this, some ways of keeping track of employees can be more like project management suites.

Modern problems also include security and access permissions, since most data and security breaches happen within a company rather than because of hackers. These breaches could be caused by users forgetting to use the right settings, users visiting a website with malware (opens in a new tab), or even disgruntled employees doing something bad.

So, some employee monitoring software is still used to track time and manage efficiency, while others work more like network monitoring tools by focusing on general activity in the IT network and looking for patterns that might indicate a security threat. Most of the time, this means using artificial intelligence and machine learning to find threats.

Also, because data loss from lost devices like laptops is becoming more of a concern, some monitoring software is designed to remotely lock down and wipe the drives of any devices that can no longer be found. This is done to prevent the data from the missing device from being used without permission.

No matter what kind of employee monitoring software you're looking for, we'll show you a good range of the best ones on the market, based on the needs of your business.

How did we choose the best software for keeping an eye on employees?

At first, it's easy to think of employee monitoring software as a bad thing. It seems like an example of employer overreach, where companies obsessively spy on their employees to make sure they aren't abusing their trust. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are working from home or in a combination of places. This may be truer than ever. But there are other reasons why a business might want to think about using software to keep an eye on its employees. This review has tried to cover a wide range of tools, including some that are more intrusive and others that can just help you track time or keep an eye on your network.

Easy-to-Use and Install Computer Monitoring Software to Keep an Eye on Employee Computer Activity on PC, Mac, and Citrix. Start right now.

Software for PCs and Macs to track what employees do on their computers

SPY24 is software that lets you keep an eye on your employees' computers and see what they are doing in real-time. You can keep an eye on your employee's computers from afar to see how productive they are and how much time they spend working and doing nothing. Monitor everything that happens on your computer, including the Internet, applications and programs, email, IM/chat, file activity, and much more.

With SPY24, it's easy to keep an eye on employee computers because:
There are many ways to sort.
We keep an eye on the employee's computer, but it's up to you how to organize the activity logs. Sort user activities by date, device, user, website, window title, URL, website category, active time, alert word seen on the page, flag, and search term.
Alerts on keywords with screenshots
You can choose as many keywords as you want with the Alert Word Wizard, and SPY24's computer screen monitoring software will automatically take a desktop screenshot whenever a user sees or types the keyword on his or her computer. This alert feature is important to protect your business from fraud, inappropriate office behavior (like harassment), and people who might try to steal company assets (like client lists). Enabling keyword alerts is an important part of any computer monitoring software because it lets you look into the word that was flagged with a screenshot and in the context of other user activities that were being watched.

  • Strong Search

The best computer monitoring software is great for internal investigations because it lets you find any activity on a monitored computer in seconds by setting conditions like time/date, user, URL, domain, device, flag, etc.
Reports: The SPY24 Computer Monitoring Report Wizard makes it easy to make reports about what users do on the computer. Customize scheduled or ad-hoc reports to show your organization the most important details about how computers are used. Examples include:

Keeping track of what users do - Find out what's going on by seeing how all computer users stack up for any activity. Find out who the most frequent web surfers or email senders are.
Investigations: Run computer monitoring reports on a few employees to see everything they did at any time. It's easy to find any item in all the stored data.
Productivity: SPY24's step-by-step wizard makes it easy to set up active time, login time, and productivity reports or alerts.
Strange Behavior - Find strange patterns of behavior, like too much printing or downloading of documents, too few keystrokes or emails sent, or strange logins.

  • Bird's Eye View

Don't look through a lot of information. SPY24 computer monitoring software does it for you by turning that data into information that you can use and that is easy to understand. The Chart View is a dashboard that gives you a quick look at how your workers are doing in terms of their productivity. Choose from more than 50 charts to make the best snapshot for your business.

Anomaly Detection in User Behavior

If an employee isn't doing what they usually do on the web, it could be a sign of a problem. Software that tracks how employees use the internet will let you know if something strange is going on and give you more information about the situation so you can decide if the strange behavior is legitimate. We'll tell you what's normal, and then you can choose to be notified either of behaviors that are a certain percentage or a certain number above or below the norm.
Let's look at some of the reviews that the Employee Desktop Live Viewer has gotten from people who have used it

"I can watch live video of any worker at my company at any time. The software has given me complete control over the work."

"Great tool that can be used in many ways and is easy to use." 

"I can get the best monitoring tool on the market for the best price."

"It is the best software I know for monitoring a computer from afar."


  • The computer screens of employees are recorded both online and off.
  • The global IP address lets employees' screens be recorded from anywhere in the world.
  • The software can be used to keep an eye on multiple PCs from afar.
  • PCs in a Work Group, the same domain, or a different domain can be watched.
  • Remote workstations and mobile devices like laptops are watched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Monitoring of employees who work from home and BYOD devices.
  • All employees' activities are shown live on a single screen.
  • Monitoring tasks were given to more than one manager.
  • Send instant messages to the computer or computers you are keeping an eye on.
  • When needed, shut down or restart the employee system.


  • There is no way to store videos that have been recorded on the cloud.
  • For 15 days, the free trial version works perfectly.


ActivTrak is a nice-looking monitoring tool that installs the Agent on every remote computer and shows you the live status of each one. It shows how many hours were productive and how many were not, as well as screenshots of activities and the ability to watch in real-time. Using the productivity screen, you can judge how well an employee is doing on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. It can make a list of the most productive employees and the most visited websites by users.

Here are some of the reviews that its users have written about it.

"The paid service is well worth the money, and the free trial saved me a lot of money." 

"The features are spot-on and match the ones that were advertised." 

"It could become a valuable product for the basis of billing with some product development." 


  • It puts all of the user's tasks on a single, easy-to-use screen.
  • You can block certain sites or pop-ups if you want to.
  • Up to 3 users can use it for free.
  • Charts and pie charts are used to show graphs.


  • Many people don't understand the reports because they are not easy to read.
  • For a smaller business, the price is quite high.
  • It doesn't keep track of what you type.
  • There is no way to search for specific words in the screenshots.


Most monitoring tools can only be used on computers, but Flexispy can also be used to keep an eye on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. You can choose to keep an eye on your Android or iPhone phone and record audio conversations if you want to. But you can use it to keep an eye on all of your employees and think of it as a major monitoring tool.

Here are some reviews from people who use it:

"It's a spy app. But it works better on cell phones and tablets than on computers." 

"A simple app to keep an eye on my kids."

"It has GPS tracking turned on, which lets me find my phone every second of the day." 


  • It makes a detailed report of each call.
  • It can take photos with the camera from a distance.
  • It takes information from all of its users and sends it to the admin.
  • It can record both audio and video calls as they happen.


  • It can't stop any number from calling.
  • With this app, you can't get rid of your call history.
  • More suited to smartphones than to computers.


SoftActivity is a monitoring tool that records what you do on your computer screen and in Skype, Gmail, messenger, etc. It keeps taking screenshots and turns them into a video. The video is saved so you can watch it later. You can also use any computer to watch the live recording. The software is easy to use, and the user can install the agent directly on the computers of the employees. It can record the screens, keystrokes, websites visited, and chat conversations. When you add an employee's computer to the list, it shows up in a list where you can choose when to send a notification.

Here are some reviews of the SoftActivity tool from people who have used it.

"The option to take a picture of the screen is my favorite feature. I can look at what happened on any date." 

"It's easy to set up, lets you see what all users are doing, and gives you proof of what they did and how they used the system." 

"The best way to keep an eye on the staff. Now, no information will get out of my company." 


  • You can protect the tool with a password.
  • It can keep track of the websites and apps you use.
  • Send a direct message to a user who is doing something that you don't like.
  • Real-time recording of the computer screens.


  • Software may crash for some users.
  • Some computers may shut down on their own. Each problem needs to be fixed by hand.
  • If the database is not looked after carefully, it could get big.


Kickidler is another tool that lets you keep an eye on an employee. It records the employee's live screen and shows it to you. You can find out what your employees are doing, what websites they are going to, and what apps they are using. The software tells you how long each of your employees worked and how many breaks they took.

Users have said great things about the software –

"It has cut the price we had to pay to look at how well our employees do their jobs." 

"The best thing about the tool is that you can use it on as many computers as you want." 

"Every setting is useful and easy to understand." 


  • The software is easy to use because of how it looks.
  • It makes sure that no data is lost or taken away.
  • You can use the computer from afar.
  • It reports on changes in productivity.


  • There is no way to keep track of email conversations.
  • There is no way to keep an eye on what is being printed from the computer.
  • You can't connect the software to your IT environment or any cloud platform.
  • In conclusion

After learning about the benefits of Employee Computer Monitoring Software and reading the short reviews above, it will be easy for you to choose software that is effective, helpful, and right for your business. You can now choose from the top 5 monitoring programs to keep an eye on your network. Choose any remote computer monitoring software that fits your needs and start recording your computer screens.

How does software that watches over a computer work?

Computer monitoring software works by watching and keeping track of everything a user does on their computer. This includes visiting websites, using apps, sending and receiving emails, moving documents, and more. This information is then used to send alerts about suspicious behavior, make productivity reports, figure out which employees are the most and least productive, and track breaks and idle time. It makes it easy to see what's going on in your business by letting you look at productivity reports, security reports, and even recordings of what your employees are doing on their screens. Many computer monitoring platforms also have add-ons for web filtering and blocking web content, preventing data loss (by blocking file uploads to the cloud or USB, for example), and even GPS tracking for laptops that have been lost or stolen. The best way to use computer monitoring is to combine it with employee cell phone monitoring, monitoring of web activity, monitoring of Chromebooks, and detecting insider threats.

Is it legal to watch what people do on their computers?

Every country and state has its own rules about how to check what employees are doing on their computers. In the US, as a general rule, you can watch your employees at work most of the time. There are no federal laws that say you can't do this. You can watch employees do work-related things in the workplace, so you can put software on their computers or put up cameras in the office. But you might not be able to record in places where work isn't expected to happen, like the break room. If you want to watch what your employees do on their computers, you should tell them right away. Tell them that you've looked into the laws of your state and will only be watching what is legal. Tell them that you're not trying to catch them in the act; you're just trying to make sure they're doing their work and that sensitive company information isn't leaving. Put your rules for computer monitoring in writing and talk about them with your team.

How can I get into the computers of my employees?

If you want to know exactly what your employees are doing at work, you can install cloud-based computer monitoring software on their Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook, Virtual Desktop, or tablet. If you want to see exactly what they are doing, as if you were spying on them over their shoulder, the best computer monitoring software for you will probably be the one that takes screenshots of the desktop in real-time. SPY24 Software is a popular computer activity monitoring system that lets you take three different types of employee desktop screenshots. Each type of screenshot is useful for a different kind of employee surveillance. - "Alert Word Screenshots" takes a picture of your employee's screen when a keyword you choose is typed or looked at on the screen. - "Continuous Screenshots" will take a screenshot of your desktop every time you tell it to. This is best if you think an employee is doing something wrong and think that keeping an eye on them all day might be the best way to catch them in the act. - "Smart Camera Screenshots" are usually used by SPY24 customers who only want to know what their employees are doing while using certain apps or websites. For example, you might want to watch them while they work on Salesforce, but you don't want to spy on them while they use Facebook or do other private things on their computer.

What is the best software for keeping an eye on a computer?

The best computer monitoring software is one that helps the business be more productive, reduces liability, protects against insider threats, and gives the proof needed to close internal investigations quickly. Some organizations may choose on-prem computer monitoring software, especially if they have to follow rules like HIPAA, PCI, CIPA, or others. If compliance isn't an issue, most people agree that cloud-based computer monitoring software is the best choice because it lets employees' activities be watched even when the employee (or the boss) is working outside the office. How much time do you want to spend figuring out what your data means? This is another important thing to think about when choosing the best computer monitoring software for you. If you don't want to have to dig through data logs to find out what your employees are doing on their computers at work, you should choose a product that sends your logged data through an intelligence layer. For example, SPY24 Software turns your data into information and gives you a 6-View Dashboard that lets you look at all your data from six different angles, highlighting different possible areas of interest or concern. These ways of monitoring employee computers do the work for you, so you can spend your time being proactive instead of reacting.